Międzynarodowe Sympozjum Naukowe: Bolesne wspomnienia. Pamięć, jako proces patogenny dla jednostek i społeczeństw

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W programie konferencji m.in wystąpienie członka naszego Towarzystwa Dr hab. Krzysztofa Rutkowskiego: Niepamiętany uraz – objawy przez całe życie

Akademia Brandenburska „Schloss Criewen“, Niemcy, 28 – 29 październik 2011

Memory is needed in order to learn and acquire capabilities which help to master life.
Memory and memories are the basis of individual and societal identity. The loss of memory
destroys personalities and makes persons helpless. Everybody knows from school how
difficult it can be to learn and remember and how quick one can forget. People even try to
support their memory by taking and archiving photos or writing diaries. The loss of memory
is what is feared, while nobody is afraid of keeping memories.
But, in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and psychotherapy it is for long known that memories
can also be a problem and that in some cases it would be good if one could forget.
Psychotherapy has always started from the assumption that negative experiences from the past
are prevailing to the presence and therefore causing problems. In recent years mental
disorders have been described which can be characterized by problematic memories. These
individual reactions to persistent memories demonstrate that memories can have enduring
negative consequences.

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