World Psychiatric Association International Congress 2013

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WPA                   27–30 October 2013, Vienna, Austria


„A psychiatry, which places the human being at the centre of its diagnosis and therapy and which is not reduced to conventional indication medicine with its main focus on illness constructs, will primarily take into account in its treatment planning the various physical, psychic and social pathogenetic factus in the patients’ particular life stage. Such a human-based psychiatry will be able to refer not exclusively to evidence-based medical data – no matter how essential this remains as the foundation stone of rational therapy design – but will also have to include in its remedies knowledge which extends beyond medicine and psychiatry in the narrower sense. The resulting complexity of psychiatric diagnostics and treatment will be the main focus of our WPA – Conference in Vienna which will be held from 27–30 October 2013.”

Michael Musalek, M.D.

Austrian Association for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy


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